Our detox warriors

are superconcentrated therapeutic oils formulated entirely of pure organic plant material, made to help mitigate the entire range of daily toxin and pathogen exposure. Absorbed through the skin of the palms and soles, rather than taken internally. Traditionally understood to be even more effective than tea or tincture.

Because the modern world is hard on the body, protecting ourselves from industrial chemicals and other modern realities as we continue to adapt has become a primary need.

These are very modern tools using ancient techniques to help us all with the increasing amount of environmental illness we are facing.

Our formulas:

 Antiviral                            Antiradiation

Antipesticide                    Antichlorine

Antiplastic                        Antisolvent

Adapted Soul   

Hormone Support

Liver Support                   

Thyroid Support

Easy to use for all humans,

our ceramic Euro-dropper bottles are portable at 30ml and meant to travel with you as you go about your day. Because the therapeutic plant medicine is absorbed through the skin, it's easy to use at times of exposure wherever you happen to be. 

Each drop is an immediate and powerful detox using the oldest form of medicinal delivery - the permeability of the skin.