Why transdermals?

The world is a challenging place to be for the human liver. Our livers are our best friends, so hardworking and loyal. In this current world, they are also often totally overwhelmed and unheard. Like all roads leading to Rome, everything we encounter in our days moves through the liver's filtration system. This is important to understand, because if the liver is compromised and is overwhelmed, even the good stuff we give it doesn't get processed optimally. When plant medicine can be delivered directly to the bloodstream, the blood carries it intact to the organs and tissues. This process bypasses the liver and digestion, giving these hardworking and often under-functioning systems a break in order to gain more benefit.

The ancient wisdom of Ayurveda resonated deeply with me when it came time to formulate. Transdermal application is the most common prescription in Ayurveda because of the understanding that a crude herb when taken internally must pass through the digestive process and if digestion is weak, the body will make ama (partially digested material) from the herb. If the liver is toxic, the most subtle vibration of the herb can become altered and the effectiveness of the herb will be a small percentage of what would otherwise be possible.

When a plant ally is absorbed through the skin, rather than through digestion, the liver and the digestive system not only get a rest, the medicine becomes more effective than if it were taken internally. Therapeutic plant material delivered through the skin is ancient medicine that, in today's world, is due for a resurgence of understanding. We get a better picture of why it's so important not to put poisons on our skin. Transdermal absorption gives a compromised liver and digestive system a break, while maximum potency reaches the organs and body tissues. All the juicy vibrational healing qualities remain intact. This type of plant medicine is part of a lifestyle of gentle, constant detox that has been effective throughout time. 

Why are the oils applied to palms, soles, and pulse points? All the bodily organs are represented on the palms and soles, so the energetic exchange through those nerve endings are primary for us humans. The oils can also be swiped from top of spine to tail. The reason for this is to directly impart the plant medicine to the command center of the central nervous system.

Our therapeutic transdermals are strong superconcentrates, created with whole plant organic ingredients only, and entirely made by hand in small batches.

For external use only.